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What is Japanese Calligraphy?

Japanese Calligraphy is a traditional Japanese artistic writing.
It's called Shodo(書道) or Shuji(習字)in Japanese.

Shuji (習字) literally means "learning how to write letters".
Shuji focuses on practicing writing skills.

Shodo(書道) literally means " the way of writing ".
We can say Shodo is one of the Japanese arts and a form of Zen.


Histrical background

Live many other Japanese traditions, Shodo originated from the  medieval Chinese dynasties of Tang and Sui.

During the 6th and 7th century, Chinese Buddhist monks came to Japan to convert people to their religion, and to find enthusiasts of their beautiful writing style, as well.

It took no time for this simple and elegant style of calligraphic writing to make deep impression on the nobles of Japan and it even fascinated the Emperor himself.

Although Shodo is no longer a common way of writing nowadays , people consider Shodo as one of the most symbolic arts of Japan.

Even today, primary school children in Japan are learning Shodo as a compulsory subject. 

What are the benefits of learning Shodo?

Shodo is famous for being one Zen practices. Another famous Zen practice is the Japanese tea ceremony (茶道:Sado), another is Japanese flower arranging(華道:Kado), and many martial arts like Karate, Judo and Kendo.

These Zen practices make us concentrate on what our bodies do while learning new skills and give us the opportunity to experience mindfulness.

Learning Shodo as a Zen practice will bring peace and calm to our busy life.
It's a form of active meditation, and is also highly recognized as a good way to improve motor skills.


Yu&Mie Partners proudly offers 2 kinds of Japanese Calligraphy Classes at City Beach and Booragoon.

Shuji Class (Group Lesson)

Misako Craig, a qualified Calligraphy Teacher of "Nihon Shuji"*

teaches in both English and Japanese.

*Nihon Shuji is one of the two authorized Calligraphy associations in Japan.

 Programs on
Monday / 
4:15pm to 5:15pm @ Art Room

(above Year 2 recommended)


For Tem 4 ,2020:


Monday Class: 19 Oct - 23 Nov

Thursday Class: 15 Oct -26 Nov



Monday Class-$175/ 1 Term

Thursday Class-$175/1 Term 

*Thursday Class is now FULL.

* An invoice will be sent to you before the term begins.                                  
*All materials are included in the price.

Levels: beginners to all levels 

Venue: City Beach Primary School, Art room
 30 Marapana Rd. City Beach


Shodo Class
(Private/Small group)

Michiko Uchiyama, a qualified Japanese Calligraphy Artist takes you to a world of mindfulness through the entire Shodo lesson.

Every lesson you will start rubbing an ink stick to make your own ink. Even this practice will give you inner peace...

Michiko's Shodo Lesson is called "active meditation".


Course: 1 hour duration
Once a week/Fortnightly

Fee:$65/ the first lesson or one time only lesson
     $50/1 Lesson from the next time

Levels: beginners to all levels


Venue: Booragoon
(Details will be provided as it is a private venue) 

For more information, plese feel free to contact us ! We'll get in touch soon.