Baby Sitting/Nanny Service

Do you need a babysitter?

We can provide an excellent babysitting service for you!

Do you need a babysitter when you have an appointment at hospital, school or hair salon?

Do you want someone to look after your child while you are taking some lessons or when you have an occasional night out?

Or you might just simply want to have someone to look after your first child before and after childbirth or when you are sick?

We can provide an excellent Baby sitting / Nanny  S

ervice for you!

We have a partnership with Japanese babysitters.

All of them are active mums and hold WWC (Working With Children Check).

Our babysitters will come to your house or can meet your children at your convenience.

To see which babysitters are available please click here.

Please contact us by following the steps below.
Or, just simply click here and we will contact you soon.

1) Email us and let us know the date, the suburb and the number of children to look after.



2) After we contact you and make sure of your requirements, we will match you matching to a babysitter.


3) When we match a suitable babysitter for your child, we will send you an application form.


4) Once we receive your application form, we will finalise the contract.


5) We will send you a reminder a couple of days prior to the scheduled time.


6)  Payment can be made by credit card or via bank transfer after the babysitting is concluded. We will issue an invoice once payment is made.


*You need to go through steps 2, 3 and 4 only the first time. From the second time, just contact us with details of your requirements and we will allocate our babysitter.

Basic Charge

Weekdays : 8am-6pm                      (1hour,one child)      $25

Weekdays : 6pm-10pm, 6am-8am                     〃             $30

Weekdays : 10pm-6am                                     〃             $35

Weekend & Public Holidays : 8am-6pm               〃             $30

Weekend & Public Holidays : 6pm-10pm, 6am-8am   〃       $35

Weekend & Public Holidays : 10pm-6am             〃             $40

Transportation Service(pick up and drop off, to/from school)

$35/Once (For more than 30min, $10 will be added per 15min) 


for caring with siblings/cousins under 10 yo will be charged additional fee listed below

up to 3 hours:Basic Charge+$10/additional child、+$15/2 additional children

more than 3 hours:Basic Charge+$20/additional child、+$30/2 additional children

(No additional charges for siblings 10 yo and over )

for caring with friends will be charged additional fee listed below
Up to 3 hours:Basic charge +$15/1child

​more than 3 hours : Basic Charge +$30/1child

Minimum service charge is for 1 hour.
Additional time less than 1 hour will be added every 15 mins.

When you book less than 2 hours service, we will charge estimated price as we informed you at the time of booking if actual service time is shorter.

For an urgent booking starting service in

next 2 business days will be added $25,

next day will be added $35,

same day will be added $50. 


Cancellation Policy

in 2 business days : $25

1 business day: 50% of estimated fee(or if 50% of the fee is less than $30, $30 will be apply)

same day: 100% of estimated fee (or (or if 50% of the fee is less than $50, $50 will be apply)

Transportation fee will be applied.